Boys like girls and girls eat mars
Friday, August 27, 2010 , 5:53 AM

When I talk to you,
Its like you're a wall
Awkward moment occur when you're beside me
Everytime you make me laugh,
I feel complete
You hate seeing ppl be sad
Always try hard to cheer me up
Im just too happy you exist in my life
But now im regreting.....

I used to like you
And you dont care
Weeks ago you passed a message
Telling that you like me
Im close to forgetting you,
And yet, you make it even more confused
Should I or should I not fall in love
We might get back to square one again
You're a caring gentlemen
Whom always there for me
But I'd be jealous seeing you always w her
I know you're like brother & sister
But I feel left out by you two
Hanged out w Mia
Shes a comfortable friend to be with
Now I've changed
Tremendously a lot
Lets not hope we might break off
I lose you once
Not losing you again
A friend of mine
Will always be

They say friends come & go
I dont believe in it
But hey,
Its happening
To Me......