Boys like girls and girls eat mars
Friday, August 27, 2010 , 5:53 AM

When I talk to you,
Its like you're a wall
Awkward moment occur when you're beside me
Everytime you make me laugh,
I feel complete
You hate seeing ppl be sad
Always try hard to cheer me up
Im just too happy you exist in my life
But now im regreting.....

I used to like you
And you dont care
Weeks ago you passed a message
Telling that you like me
Im close to forgetting you,
And yet, you make it even more confused
Should I or should I not fall in love
We might get back to square one again
You're a caring gentlemen
Whom always there for me
But I'd be jealous seeing you always w her
I know you're like brother & sister
But I feel left out by you two
Hanged out w Mia
Shes a comfortable friend to be with
Now I've changed
Tremendously a lot
Lets not hope we might break off
I lose you once
Not losing you again
A friend of mine
Will always be

They say friends come & go
I dont believe in it
But hey,
Its happening
To Me......

Thursday, August 26, 2010 , 9:44 PM

13days & still counting :)

have a NO-LINK poem to share...

Ahemahem. TestingTesting. Ok. Here goes....

I wish to solve
But everything goes wrong
I dont have the heart to care anymore
But now Im trapped by a darkness inside me
Should I or should I not let th light into me
In this world there's two type of people
A person who do good deeds
And the other who did bad deeds
You're none of the above
Cause you dont understand
When it comes to feelings,
You would want to know
Since its a secret
I wouldnt show
I stutter when you talk to me
But in my heart, Im replying
Its sincere
Im gonna let all my secrets away
Go and
Move on with your life today
Dont worry about me baby,
Im gonna let all my secrets away
To you one day .__.

That should be me, standing there
That should be me, eating burger
That should be me, feeding you fries
That should be me, that should be me

I need someboh-dy to love

Friday, August 20, 2010 , 9:46 PM
Exhausted Like Never Before

18 days & still counting :)

Let's start w ystd
Went to Kembangan w Afiqa & Dinah aftr Band
Bfore that me & Afiqa bath at sch
Water so SHIOK !
Then meet Dinah at bus stop
Changed clothes again at Tanah Merah
Arrived at Kembangan
Wanted to find Mydin Mosque
But found Kassim instead
LOST & called th guys
Really not helping le -_-"
Saw a cresent & so confidently thought it was Mydin
When we went to th mosque, it says, "Darul Aman Mosque"
& I was like, "@#$% -_____-"
Btw, we break fast by eating epok-epok & Bandung .__.
After that went to pray at Darul Aman
hed at 9.30pm & went to look for a bus stop
With my 2 bloody heavy bags
Otw home, ppl in bus 66 thought I wanted to run away from home
Think I no life uhh ? -___-"
Anws, reached hme, w shoulders aching & went to bed

To Be Continued.....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010 , 3:58 AM

22 days & still counting :)

ello, hello ! :D
School was OK luhh... Can manage
Band was, as usual, URGH -__-"
Ok, I had an "adventure" just now. It was easy-peasy ^^
All I have to do wans to find my way home ._.
Here's what happened......

Not long ago......
There was a BDS girl named Maisarah
. She had just finished her CCA, Band & was very tired. In bus 65, she decided to take a short nap. & before you know it, POOF ! She appeared somewhere else & realised she had just missed her stop. She stayed calm & firgured out how to go home. Her bag was damn bloody heavy I tell you. Then suddenly..... She saw a light. It shined on a bus stop across her. She crossed th road & a bus magically appeared. She took it & saw humans bt not angels inside. Alighted at her stop & was home safe & sound. THE END

Nice anot th story ?
Hehe ._.
Of course nice la..
See who make one ^^
Hahah ! Jkjk :D
Look at th time
I think its for me to go now
Till we meet againnnnnnnnnn.....

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 , 5:42 AM
23 days & counting

23 days & still counting :)

ime flies, huh

Anws, school was OK
After school, almost th class stayed back
While waiting for Maths remedial to start, hang-ed out w friends <3
Chi Cheng chased me ard th class then suddenly Aabrahim go hit me
Everyone was Orhor-ing. HAHAH !
He go give me th puppy face & said sorry
But I didnt reply anything. I so mean >:)
After remedial, hang-ed put w Afiqa, Dinah & Iqbal & waited for Aqilah
Went home w Clara, Sharife, Aqilah, Some guy named Billy, Afiqa & Iqbal
They ROCK TTM !! \m/

Monday, August 16, 2010 , 7:28 AM
24 days & couting

24 days & still counting :)