Boys like girls and girls eat mars
Wednesday, August 18, 2010 , 3:58 AM

22 days & still counting :)

ello, hello ! :D
School was OK luhh... Can manage
Band was, as usual, URGH -__-"
Ok, I had an "adventure" just now. It was easy-peasy ^^
All I have to do wans to find my way home ._.
Here's what happened......

Not long ago......
There was a BDS girl named Maisarah
. She had just finished her CCA, Band & was very tired. In bus 65, she decided to take a short nap. & before you know it, POOF ! She appeared somewhere else & realised she had just missed her stop. She stayed calm & firgured out how to go home. Her bag was damn bloody heavy I tell you. Then suddenly..... She saw a light. It shined on a bus stop across her. She crossed th road & a bus magically appeared. She took it & saw humans bt not angels inside. Alighted at her stop & was home safe & sound. THE END

Nice anot th story ?
Hehe ._.
Of course nice la..
See who make one ^^
Hahah ! Jkjk :D
Look at th time
I think its for me to go now
Till we meet againnnnnnnnnn.....