Boys like girls and girls eat mars
Thursday, August 26, 2010 , 9:44 PM

13days & still counting :)

have a NO-LINK poem to share...

Ahemahem. TestingTesting. Ok. Here goes....

I wish to solve
But everything goes wrong
I dont have the heart to care anymore
But now Im trapped by a darkness inside me
Should I or should I not let th light into me
In this world there's two type of people
A person who do good deeds
And the other who did bad deeds
You're none of the above
Cause you dont understand
When it comes to feelings,
You would want to know
Since its a secret
I wouldnt show
I stutter when you talk to me
But in my heart, Im replying
Its sincere
Im gonna let all my secrets away
Go and
Move on with your life today
Dont worry about me baby,
Im gonna let all my secrets away
To you one day .__.

That should be me, standing there
That should be me, eating burger
That should be me, feeding you fries
That should be me, that should be me

I need someboh-dy to love