Boys like girls and girls eat mars
Friday, August 20, 2010 , 9:46 PM
Exhausted Like Never Before

18 days & still counting :)

Let's start w ystd
Went to Kembangan w Afiqa & Dinah aftr Band
Bfore that me & Afiqa bath at sch
Water so SHIOK !
Then meet Dinah at bus stop
Changed clothes again at Tanah Merah
Arrived at Kembangan
Wanted to find Mydin Mosque
But found Kassim instead
LOST & called th guys
Really not helping le -_-"
Saw a cresent & so confidently thought it was Mydin
When we went to th mosque, it says, "Darul Aman Mosque"
& I was like, "@#$% -_____-"
Btw, we break fast by eating epok-epok & Bandung .__.
After that went to pray at Darul Aman
hed at 9.30pm & went to look for a bus stop
With my 2 bloody heavy bags
Otw home, ppl in bus 66 thought I wanted to run away from home
Think I no life uhh ? -___-"
Anws, reached hme, w shoulders aching & went to bed

To Be Continued.....