Boys like girls and girls eat mars
Tuesday, August 17, 2010 , 5:42 AM
23 days & counting

23 days & still counting :)

ime flies, huh

Anws, school was OK
After school, almost th class stayed back
While waiting for Maths remedial to start, hang-ed out w friends <3
Chi Cheng chased me ard th class then suddenly Aabrahim go hit me
Everyone was Orhor-ing. HAHAH !
He go give me th puppy face & said sorry
But I didnt reply anything. I so mean >:)
After remedial, hang-ed put w Afiqa, Dinah & Iqbal & waited for Aqilah
Went home w Clara, Sharife, Aqilah, Some guy named Billy, Afiqa & Iqbal
They ROCK TTM !! \m/